Tremors in the IT World: Red Hat Purchases Qumranet for $107 Million

Red Hat announced today that it has acquired Qumranet for $107 million. 

Qumranet is an Israeli company best known for its sponsorship of the open-source Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) system for the Linux OS.  In April 2008, it released the proprietary Solid-ICE desktop virtualization solution that uses centralized operating environments and remote rendering technology to accommodate up to 50 desktops on a single server – reportedly more than other major virtualization platforms offer.  It also offers a template feature that can be used to share OS and application sets, relieving some of the central storage and management burden – key elements required for effective cloud computing solutions.

This is an indication of the importance of virtualization and the changes that are coming to the IT industry.  Just yesterday, I posted a blog on how virtualization and cloud computing will change the way we work with computers and on how open-source solutions will have an advantage.  The market is certainly hot and the price that Red Hat paid for Qumranet, a relatively new company, highlights just how hot it is. 

I’d expect this price to draw in a number of new entrants eager to reap similar rewards.  It will also heat up the competitive race for Linux based virtualization technologies.  Any guesses what Canonical is doing now?

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