Well here goes nothing.

9 June 2008

Its a good day to start a blog.  Sitting in mild airconditioned bliss after having completed the Rideau Lakes Tour this weekend.  It was hot!  My group took it slowly and we managed to complete the full ride without incident, although several of us had borderline heat-stroke.  With cafeful management of our energy, and frequent breaks to cool off, we made it all together.  I even had enough gas to sprint at the end. 

The tour has grown to some very large numbers in the last few years and the traffic congestion is getting to be a problem.  This year, after a number of complaints and a few bad accidents, the police started to ticket groups that were travelling two-abreast.   Single file may be safer but it takes all the social fun out of the ride. 

Also a comment to the well-meaning people who provide the rest stop support in North Crosby and who provided such nicely decorated cupcakes but who ran out of water and Gatorade – know your market.